Condensation Control
AD Damp Proofing Can Help by Providing Condensation Treatment Nationwide

Condensation Control Nationwide

Looking for help with condensation in your property? AD Damp Proofing provides condensation treatment for customers Nationwide. For more information call us on 07719 543 792.

What is Condensation?

Condensation happens when a build-up of warm air in a room comes into contact with cold surfaces. This build up releases excess water vapour and forms into moisture or water droplets on surfaces. Condensation usually happens in the winter months when the external temperature is significantly colder than the inside. Condensation is prone to forming on cold surfaces found in kitchens, bathrooms and basements and cellars. To treat condensation, effective ventilation is required.

How to get rid of condensation?

AD Damp Proofing can provide effective condensation treatment to improve ventilation in your property and reducing any health concerns. We can treat your condensation problem in a number of ways including:

PIV System – Positive Input Ventilation System

This system operates using an air displacement technique. One of the main benefits of this system it that it provides a superior air quality by adding new filtered air through a mounted fan and removing stagnant air from the room through vents by taking advantage of the heat rising to the top of the room.

PIV Loft Unit

This system works in a similar way but instead moves air using the Coanda Effect. The airflow first mixes with the air at the top and falls down circulating with the rest of the air. This unit’s fan runs automatically and turns off as soon as temperatures exceed 25°C to prevent air from getting too warm. The system then automatically turns itself back on again when temperatures drop leaving your property properly ventilated with good quality air.

Causes of Moisture

Gas Heaters
Washing Machines/Dryers
Body Heat/Sweat
Baths and Showers 

Health Risks from Damp and Condensation


Condensation and humidity can add to the risk of mould developing in your basement or cellar. This can have a serious impact on those that are already suffering from asthma because of poor air quality and ventilation. Asthma can also be triggered by dust mites who thrive in damp conditions.


Warm and wet conditions are a breeding ground for bacteria. This could be a serious risk to health especially vulnerable people. This includes children and the elderly who may accidentally touch or breathe in bacteria.

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Solution to damp and mould growth

AD Damp Proofing can provide solutions to your damp and can easily identify where the problem lies. This could be done through installing the required ventilation system into your property to improve air flow and drying out certain areas of your property over 2 days to prevent mould and bacteria spreading.

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AD Damp Proofing can provide effective Condensation Control to help improve Ventilation and reduce any potential health issues. Call us on 07719 543 792 for more information. You can also take a look at some of our customer reviews on Yell or MyBuilder.