Sump Pump Installation
With sump pump installation, you can create a dry, usable space in your basement for any purpose!

Sump Pump Installation Nationwide

To keep your basement dry, sump pump installation and a waterproofing system is the most effective method. This will keep your basement dry at all times, being a simple process to cause minimal disruption whilst being installed.

At A D Damp Proofing, we can take you through the sump pump installation process for any home. Specialising in waterproofing and sump pumps, we make sure this is completed with just one visit to your home. You will always receive a FREE quote for sump pump installation, ensuring you have a very affordable price.

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Sump Pump Liner

The first step to creating your usable basement is placing the sump pump liner. A sump pump pit will be excavated to place the liner and pump in, protecting the sump pump from any mud or debris. The sump pit must always be large enough but not over or undersized, which would lead to a quicker burn out.

If they are too large, it will cause unnecessary work and electricity usage, so we make sure your sump pit is always the right size. Placing this within the lowest spot of your floor, it effectively removes water from your basement.

We will always determine the best spot using a laser level. When sump pumps cannot be placed at the lowest point, a feed line will run from the floor to the sump pump so this still works effectively.

Drainage System

Having a perimeter drainage system is very beneficial when making sump pump installation. Clean stone will be set down on your basement with the current flooring safely removed. The drainage system will be installed on top of the stone, before backfilling the space with more clean stone. The drain will collect water from the basement wall-floor join and underneath the basement, before directing it to the sump pump.

You will always be advised on the different products and best drainage system available for your basement and sump pump. When installing basement wall products, your wall covering will be tucked behind the flange. This allow moisture to be directed from the walls to the drain. For concrete block walls, we drill in to the blocks to relive all water and pressure from the walls.

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Sump Pump

Your perimeter drainage system is connected to the sump pump system, with clean gravel filled around the sump pump liner. This gravel will maintain the cleanliness of the sump pump, preventing silt, sediment and other materials entering.

Once the sump pump is installed, a sump pump lid will also be added. This is airtight, helping to keep out all odours and humidity that rises from the sump pit. Additionally, no debris will fall from the basement floor. Your airtight sump pump lid is essential to prevent anything getting into the sump pump, also making sure children and animals do not play in the water.

A secondary pump can also be installed in the pit and we will add a discharge line with secondary pumps. Pipes will remain effective and will not jump back and forth between each other with this discharge line. Tying discharge lines together should never be done and we make sure this is installed safely.

Floor Restoration

Once our sump pump installation is complete, we restore the style of your floor and ensure you are fully satisfied with the final appearance, creating a clean and attractive look. With our modern and effective methods, there is no gap left around the perimeter of the basement floor, avoiding the collection of dust and debris which could cause clogging. Using our methods, you will receive the most reliable drainage and sump pump that also remains clean.

An anti-freeze device will also be installed to maintain its performance. As the discharge line is buried, we carefully install the pipe within a trench so your garden can be restored easily and the installation does not disrupt your landscape appearance.

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Finishing Touches

We offer a comprehensive service, working with you from the beginning of the project through to the finishing touches and a clean-up of your basement. Your basement will always be left clean and clear, with all dust being removed. The installation of our sump pump will also make sure the appearance is maintained over time.

All debris we create are removed, leaving your property in the best possible condition. We prepare for any situation and also make sure that if a future inspection or test is required, we have several ports within the drainage system for a drainage line to be inserted. We offer regular maintenance for all sump pumps and annual check-ups at a time suitable for you.

Whether you want sump pump installation, check-ups or maintenance, get in touch with A D Damp Proofing today. We can discuss all your requirements and offer a fast response. Call us on 0800 061 2296 or 0161 327 0296 or 07719 543 792 or fill in our contact form to make an enquiry.

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