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At AD Damp Proofing Stockport, we have been offering our services to Stockport and the surrounding areas for over 15 years. We are a loyal, trustworthy and dedicated in damp prevention business that takes a great amount of pride in the work we carry out.

Moreover, we provide a highly trained workforce who uses BBA certified products to tackle the issues in your properties to ensure they don’t return. Preventing damp is incredibly important in ensuring your property has protection from severe damage. It also maintains good health within your household.

If you have detected such problems within your property and require professional assistance, please give us a call today for damp proofing in Stockport.

Types of Rot

There are two types of rot – wet and dry. Both can pose a serious structural threat to your properties. Timber is widely used in buildings and it can be incredibly vulnerable.

Wet rot is a type of fungus that affects very wet timber. As a result, it can also cause decay to your interior decoration including wallpaper, plaster, and your carpet. High moisture content causes this and occurs in areas with very poor ventilation. Penetrating damp and condensation are one of the main causes of this issue.

Dry rot is a more serious fungal decay. It attacks your buildings’ timber and digests it, enabling the rot to generate moisture. It exists in the atmosphere from humidity and again, penetrating damp and poor ventilation. Dry rot has the ability to travel through your brickwork. Once it fruits, it can produce spores into the area.

If you think you may have found rot, it is important that you contact us. A member of our team will be with you as soon as we can to inspect and diagnose the issue.

Our Damp Treatment & Prevention Services

We offer a list of services to ensure your properties are fully protected from damp, including:

  • PIV systems
  • Basement tanking
  • Condensation prevention

We are open 24 hours a day, Monday to Friday.

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Timber Treatment

At AD Damp Proofing, we provide a timber treatment service. If you think you have rot, it is important to get the proper treatment right away to prevent it from getting worse.

For wet rot, we need to stop the moisture source and dry out the surrounding areas. Any timber which has signs may need full removal and replacement if it has lost its strength. Unfortunately, this can be costly. We will then treat the area with a wood hardener and preservative and advise you on any additional steps.

Once we have found the dry rot and your infected timber, we will cut them back and remove the bodies. Cleaning of the area will then take place and the problematic timber replaced. The sound timber treated which prevents any further outbreaks. Your masonry will need to be sterilised by injection to infiltrate the rot and control it.

The cost of timber treatment will depend on how severe the problem is, but we promise to beat any genuine competitive quote and we can assure you that once it has been treat, you will have no further problems. Making sure our customers are protected is important to us and we want to ensure the job is done properly.

Your Local Damp Proofing Service in Stockport

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