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Tackling Damp

Damp homes are common in the UK due to inconsistent weather and temperature. Unfortunately, trying to get rid of it is not an easy task. If it is left for too long, it can result in rot which causes your paint and wallpaper to peel and drop off. It can even lead to the destruction of your possessions. We advise a small measure to tackle the issue while we do our best to reach you quickly.

It is important that you air your home out regularly, especially if you don’t use central heating often. If it’s cold, the damp air will need to be released so it doesn’t cause condensation. You should get into the habit of opening a window to allow the air to circulate around the room.

If this doesn’t help, there could be a larger underlying issue such as poorly placed insulation. If you need help, our team are at hand. Give us a call and we will send someone out to inspect your property and identify the problem as quickly as we can.

Our Damp Proofing Services, Working Across Bury

We provide a range of services in order to prevent damp, including:

  • Basement tanking
  • Plastering
  • Sump pump installations

If you are interested in hiring us, or would like to find out more, call: 0800 061 2296.

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Positive Input Ventilation Systems

If you are struggling with condensation and damp, then it may be worth investing in a Positive Input Ventilation System (PIV). These are incredibly effective in improving ventilation and reducing health problems. AD Damp Proofing Bury can provide two different types of systems: a PIV System or a PIV Loft Unit.

A PIV system works by introducing outdoor air into space. Alongside this, it is used to control indoor air quality. It controls it by removing indoor pollutants at a continuous rate to decrease condensation. Eventually, this will rid of it as well as preventing mould growth. A PIV unit works as a whole-house ventilation system and it will supply fresh, filtered air into your living space.

Warm air rises, and with other rooms below, it can cause condensation and mould growth in your loft due to a lack of ventilation. Loft space is often used for storage, and your roof vents are more than likely covered by storage boxes which are preventing proper air flow around the room. A PIV loft unit is similar to a regular PIV system, but it lives in your loft space. It works by mixing its air flow with the air at the top of the room. Tt floats downward to circulate with the rest of the air. The system runs automatically, and will switch off when the temperature reaches 25°C. When the temperature drops, it will switch itself back on.

PIV systems are ideal as they take a minimal amount of energy to run, and don’t need regular maintenance. It is incredibly cost-effective and they also come with an optional heater element. It is important that you install effective condensation control into your homes to prevent the risk of increasing health issues such as asthma, and our team at AD Damp Proofing can help.

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