Damp Proofing in Burnley

AD Damp Proofing is a family-run business and we have carried out damp proofing work for over 15 years. Covering Burnley, we provide a wide range of services to prevent damp from causing problems in your properties.

We are a team of highly trained specialists and are BBA certified – suitable documentation can be provided at your request.

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What Types of Damp are There?

Not many people know this, but there are three main types of damp: condensation, rising and penetrative. All three can cause major problems if they aren’t dealt with sooner rather than later.

Condensation is often more of a problem in winter. It is caused by warm air on cool walls in rooms such as bathrooms. The cooling down of central heating can provoke this. It gets warm and then cools down, which creates a warm, moist air that clings to the walls and surfaces. Lack of ventilation can also cause condensation.  If it is left without treatment, it will begin to damage paint and plaster, and your window frames start to decay. We can install the right ventilation system into your property to improve airflow to prevent the further spread of mould.

Rising damp is caused when water from the ground moves up through the walls and the floor. You can stop this from causing damage by a barrier called a ‘membrane’.

Penetrating damp is caused by water leaking through walls, which can expand across your property. Structural problems such as cracks in the walls or faulty gutters often cause this. You are more likely to suffer from this if you live in an older building with solid walls.

If you are suffering from any of these problems, give us a call right away and we will send a member of our team over as soon as possible.

Our Services

At AD Damp Proofing, we offer a large variety of property damp proofing services in Burnley and the surrounding areas.

Some of the services we provide are:

  • Basement conversions
  • Basement tanking
  • Sump pump installation

If you would like more information, please don’t hesitate to contact us today. We are available 7 days a week, hours may vary.

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Basement Tanking

If you are thinking of converting your basement, you will want to make sure it will be protected from moisture and flooding. Our solution is tanking.

We use a cement-based product called Vandex TT55. It is mixed with water and is then applied to all necessary areas to seal your walls and create a barrier against moisture build up. An additional render is then applied to the area with two more tanking coats. This creates a fully protective barrier against water damage.

We can also install a cavity membrane system. This is mostly used in basements that are no longer in use, or in houses dating back to the Victorian era. Membranes can be used to fully seal the area from any further moisture damage. We use Oldroyd and Aquadrain drainage perimeters to provide extra drainage to the basement. These can be concealed by using plasterboard.

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