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AD Damp Proofing provides a large range of damp proofing services in Bolton. We cover the North West of England and specialise in services ranging from condensation prevention to basement tanking. Over the last 15 years, we have become experts in identifying and treating various types of damp, such as rising and penetrative.

Our team of specialists offers services to domestic and commercial properties. Alongside this, we ensure that you are 100% free from any damp problems. We also carry out timber treatments and can rid of any issues regarding wet and dry rot, or woodworm.

The Signs of Woodworm

Woodworm is a type of beetle that bores through wood and there are many types. They begin as a larvae and work by invading wood, consuming it. Then they leave once they reach maturity.

You may not know that the wood in your property is home to this resident. In fact, it can be infected with eggs or larvae which are almost invisible. The larvae that is laid tunnels into the wood and weaken it. They thrive in warm, damp conditions where there is a lack of ventilation. As a result, in time your property will become a breeding ground. It is incredibly important that you treat your home properly to avoid any structural damage.

Woodworm can be clearly indicated by the holes in your timber, which are similar to ones on a dartboard. An active infestation will have dust around the holes, and your wood will be visibly crumbly around the edges.

If you think you may have woodworm, our team at AD Damp Proofing can provide you with the right course of action. Furthermore, we carry out a thorough timber treatment to ensure that the problem is rid of completely. It is vital that you call a professional as soon as you think you may have detected an issue to prevent any further damage to your property.

Our Damp Proofing Service Across Bolton

We provide a variety of damp prevention services to properties in our local areas, including:

  • Timber treatment
  • Basement tanking
  • Condensation control
  • Basement conversions

To find out more, give us a call on: 0800 061 2296.

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Woodworm Treatment

Treatment depends on the type of woodworm you have. It is important you identify what type of woodworm lives in your home before it is treated, which is where we come in. AD Damp Proofing can provide a top-quality timber treatment to your property to prevent the spread of potential serious damage to your structure and make sure you are protected.

We will identify the species of your woodworm and determine whether the infestation is still active. The next step will be removing all signs of water access which has caused the damp that enabled the woodworm to thrive. Heavily infected timber will need to be replaced with pre-treated timber, and the rest will need to be treated accordingly. This can be costly depending on how severe the damage already is. Large-scale infestation will result in chemical treatment such as an insecticide.

We can assure you that once the required treatment has been carried out, we will fully inspect your property to ensure we haven’t missed any areas and have completely gotten rid of the problem.

Your Local Damp Prevention Service in Bolton

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