Basement Tanking
Basement Tanking From The Experts At AD Damp Proofing

Basement Tanking Service Nationwide

If you’re looking to transform your basement or cellar or you think it needs tanking immediately then please don’t hesitate to contact us. We also offer services for damp proofing and condensation. Call 07719 543 792.

Basement Tanking and Waterproofing

The possibilities are endless when it comes to converting your basement or cellar. But first you need to make sure this new space is going to be fully functional without being affected by damp or flooding. The solution to this is Tanking.

Transforming this new space can be a real advantage to adding value to your home. Our services help you on your way to acquiring a brand new, dry liveable area. Games room, Spare bedroom, study, storage area the choice is yours when it comes to converting your basement. You can rely on us to give you a hassle-free service, providing fully trained friendly professionals.

How it works?

We offer cementitious waterproofing to keep unwanted water out of your space. We use a cement-based product that is both resilient and versatile. Vandex TT55 is mixed with water and our tradesmen apply to the necessary areas to seal your walls and protect against water leakages and moisture build up. An additional render is applied to the area with two more tanking coats to create a fully protective barricade from water or moisture damage.

30 Year Guarantee

No minimum charge

In line with DBEI and FCA standards

Work to PCA code of practise

Formally train all contractors to remedial industry body standards

Issued independently from AD Damp Proofing

Cavity Membrane System

This system is mainly used with disused cellars and basements of old buildings usually dating back to Victorian age. No matter the condition of the space, membranes using fixing plugs and floors can be used to fully seal the space from further damp. We use Oldroyd and Aquadrain drainage perimeters to provide extra drainage to the basement or cellar, which can be concealed using the appropriate plasterboard.

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We offer cementitious waterproofing to keep unwanted water out of your living space. Call us on 07719 543 792 for more information on our professional basement tanking service.