Insurance Backed Guarantee
AD Damp Proofing provides a 30 year insurance backed guarantee.

Rising Damp Treatment Nationwide

Worried about damp spreading in your property? Our team of professionals can safely remove and treat any areas of concern. Our services are available across the UK.

30 Year Backed Guarantee

AD Damp Proofing provides an insurance backed guarantee giving you peace of mind about any of our work done for up to 30 years. As a company with a wealth of knowledge and experience in the industry we always aim to provide 100% customer satisfaction by producing a high-quality service.

What happens if the company is dissolved?

All of the treatment and work carried out by AD Damp Proofing is carried out to the standards set out by the Property Care Associate code of practise. This quality assured guarantee gives you the customer peace of mind if the original problem happens to come back. In the unlikely event of this happening you don’t have to worry about any additional costs as you are safeguarded by the 30-year guarantee. Even if you find the company no longer exists within the 30 year guarantee you will still be covered through Guarantee Safeguard Ltd who will make sure the problem is resolved and causes no further problem.

What if the work was carried out before I moved in?

The guarantee applies to the property and not the owner. This means that if a problem with damp occurs that has been treated under a valid guarantee before you moved into the property you will still not be liable for any payment.

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How much is the back guarantee?

The cost includes a one-off premium fee for the Insurance guarantee. We highly recommend this for customers who hold the property as an investment or if they intend to stay in the property for a long period of time. The one-off payment covers you from the moment of project completion for 30 years. The insurance scheme is a one-time payment and requires no further payments to be made based on renewal premiums and is completely independent of AD Damp Proofing.

Rising Damp Treatment Experts

You can be sure that AD Damp Proofing will always aim to carry out exceptional work leaving you 100% satisfied. As a family-run company operating across the UK, we use British Board of Agreement certified products that are approved through a certified Health and Safety Executive.

All remedial work is carried out to the highest degree under the British standard 6576 thus adding to the value that using the Insurance backed guarantee can bring.

Guarantee Summary

No minimum charge
In line with DBEI and FSA standards
Work to PCA code of practise
Formally train all contractors to remedial industry body standards
Issued independently from AD Damp Proofing

Full Protection

The fully protected guarantee is used and trusted by many construction contractors, housing associations and councils and has been for many years. AD Damp Proofing have a trusted reputation and urge customers to take advantage of this guarantee to safeguard work carried out on their property.

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